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XuBeihong Art Academy  of Shanghai Maritime University was founded on October 28, 2009, with Ms. Liao Jingwen as honorary Dean. Mr. Xu Beihong is a famous Chinese artist. He compares the aesthetic and cultural differences between China and the west, advocates the choice and improvement of national art, and forms his own art improvement theory. The original intention of the college is to realize the perfect combination of design and art, and cultivate modern innovative talents.

  The academy has two first-class disciplines of design and fine arts, including industrial design, visual communication design and painting. It has set up a comprehensive experimental teaching center of art design.

The students of our college have participated in more than 10 discipline competitions and achieved satisfactory results. In recent years, XuBeihong Art Academy adheres to the purpose of “promoting learning through competition” and “promoting teaching through competition”, and pays attention to cultivating students practical ability. The competition not only improves the professional skills and accomplishment of teachers and students, but also gains honor and social recognition, and enhances the social influence of our college.


Our mission is “People-oriented, Serving the Society, Promoting Sustainable Social Change through Design Innovation.” The overall goal of the Institute is to build an innovative art design institute featuring ocean and ship design.


Through interdisciplinary cooperation, we devote ourselves to the design of marine environmental protection, the design of marine lifesaving, and the design of marine resources utilization.


Address: 1550 Haigang Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai 201306

Telephone :(+86-021) 38282050